Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a Giclee Print?

A: Giclee (pronounced "jee-clay") is a method of high-tech reproduction very common in the art world today. Artwork is photographed at high resolution and printed onto canvas or cotton 'rag' paper using special high resolution printers.


My prints are superior in quality to many reproductions found in the marketplace today. Many artists do their own photography and send to a printer, or even make their own prints. I utilize a company that specializes in giclee printing. They are dedicated experts using only the finest quality materials, technology and craftsmanship. Materials and equipment are constantly tested and calibrated. The canvas and rag paper are archival certified.


While the typical photographer takes an image at 10 to 24 mega-pixels using a zoom lens, my paintings are captured at 400 mega-pixels using a custom made flat lens that ensures total accuracy. It also enables reproductions up to 4 times the size of the original with no loss of detail or resolution.


When you purchase one of my prints, you can be assured it is the best giclee fine art printing quality available on the planet. See more about giclee print options on the Print Types page.



Q: What is the "life expectancy" of a handmade painted StuARTdrum?

A: With a little care, my drums will last for many decades. I own an old painted drum made of the same basic construction and materials that is now over 80 years old.



Q: How to care for a StuARTdrum?

A: Most importantly, do not hang the drum in direct sunlight.


My drums are meant to be decorative wall hangings, but they can withstand some gentle playing. Do not beat a painted drum with a 'hard' beater or stick. It is recommended to use only a soft type beater, such as those supplied by StuARTdrums. 


Every year or so, the sides and lacing of the drum can be treated with shea butter. The inside of the drumhead can be treated as well, but it is not recommended to apply shea butter to the painted surface. This treatment could help increase longevity, especially in hot, dry conditions. It will do wonders for your skin as well! (Shea butter is available in the Accessories section).


Ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) will affect the drum. Try to avoid rapid drastic changes in temperature and humidity.



Q: Can StuARTdrums repair my broken Native style drum?

A: I do get a lot of requests to look at broken drums. I have replaced some heads and I've repaired damaged hole /lacing connections.  I'm always happy to look at photos and provide an estimate. Contact by e-mail:



Q: Who are the subjects of your American Indian portrait paintings?

A: The paintings were inspired by the photographs of Edward S. Curtis (1868 – 1952) and other photographers of the day. These public domain photos are archived at the Library of Congress.



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